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What our patients are saying...


I have dealt with shoulder pain for many years from working out.  My doctors kept telling me that surgery was necessary in order to eliminate the horrible pain.  I tried so many things and took many pain killers.  When I was introduced to the team at Bodyworks I was not so sure this would be the solution.  After a few weeks of therapy I now have NO pain and am starting to work my way back to the gym!!  I could not be happier with my results!!  Thank you to everyone at Bodyworks!!!  YOU'RE AMAZING!!



I'm 73 years old now, and David Wilson has repeatedly put this Humpty-Dumpty back together again - since 2012.  First it was for a bad foot injury, and now I have NO LIMP at all; then I had TMJ and within a month David had cured it (painlessly, and with home exercises that were easy); then I knocked out my shoulder by drumming too much - and he cured that quickly, entirely.  Now, recently, I threw out the muscles in my arm by lifting and falling with a heavy object and just three weeks later, I graduated from PT again.  THANK YOU DAVID WILSON!

Concrete Neck

Concrete neck! That is what I called my neck when I first visited Bodyworks. Within a few weeks I was not only feeling so much better, but I understood why I was feeling better and what I needed to do to stay that way. Teaching and working with patients is what David Wilson is all about. What a huge difference! Thank you for everything. Cat


Thank you so much for everything these last six weeks. I would not be where I am today post my ACL surgery without your help. You run/have a quality, professional business that makes each patient feel like they are your only patient. Thank you for focusing on functional movement and giving me the confidence to go on from here, moving with a lot more ease.


David, After a year of pushing, pulling, stretching, straining ET AL at the places my insurance recommended, I am so happy knowing that I am again with you. Dr. C was right: you are the best physiotherapist in the valley. The knackers will not be seeing me after all!!!!

Truly miraculous? Yes...

One morning over a year ago I blinked twice upon awakening. The entire room was tilted and slowly slipping down and away as if by some mysterious force. . . pulling me along with it. The sensation only lasted a few seconds but was very startling and quite frightening. Every day the symptoms reoccurred especially when I lay down or suddenly looked up. Over the next several months I took several tests to pinpoint the problem..MRI, Catscan, X-rays, Cardiographs, Carotid, Heart Monitor and extensive hearing tests. In the meantime I lived with the malady. Then my doctor made an appointment for me with a neurologist. Prior to my appointment I found the symptoms of vertigo explained on the internet, and lo and behold, my symptoms were precisely described as Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo (BPPV, a problem that is cured 90% of the time with therapy prescribed by Dr. J Epley of Portlan4 Oregon. The Neurologist reaffirmed the BPPV diagnosis but could not recommend a doctor able to perform the Epley therapy.

After numerous phone calls I found Mr. David Wilson, a therapist …who knows the Epley treatment. After applying the therapy (that took Iess than 30 minutes) my vertigo problems disappeared and I was sent home. Amazing! Today, six weeks later and after months of suffering, no more vertigo!

Truly miraculous? Yes, but the real miracle was finding Mr. David Wilson. I hope all doctors and therapists become aware of BPPV and the treatment available by David Wilson, Therapist personified.

Rex C.


A neighbor's referral took me to Bodyworks. The total experience was HEALING, EDUCATIONAL and actually FUN - understanding what had happened, why I needed physical therapy, seeing results each session and getting to know David Wilson and the other staff (great people - easy to build rapport).


One shoulder rotator cuff had become painful. David identified the tendon in the shoulder causing the discomfort and employed an upper body skeleton to show me what had happened. The explanation was very helpful in understanding how the therapy would work. I personally I like to know the "why" of things.


A lengthy driving trip subsequent to being "discharged" triggered a similar pain, but David quickly recognized accompanying neck and back issues (poor posture I'm embarrassed to admit). After three sessions, addressing those issues and homework to retain a more healthy posture, I walk away very happy with my painless shoulder and the knowledge of how to maintain better posture.


Our healthcare industry needs to recognize the importance of body mechanics in our overall health.


Bill T.

Thank You

Thank you so much for everything these last 6 weeks. I would not be where i am today post my ACL surgery without your help. You run a quality, professional business that makes each patient feel like they are your only patient.Thank you for focusing on fuctional movement and giving me the confidence to go on from here.


Wow! No more PAIN,

Hi David, I just want to say how wonderful it was to have found you. After suffering for over six months with back and leg pain and many types of treatment I am pain free. After having 6 treatments I am feeling wonderful. You are incredable with such a wonderful personality. Also the receptionist Cathy sure made me feel so welcome. Thank you again for such wonderful treatment and for teaching me how to move the way I should. Sincerely, Diane M. (from Canada)


Unbelievable results. I am so pleased with the treatment, education, and support I have received. I always tell my friends what great results one can have if they go to Bodyworks. I gave my doctor the info for Bodyworks too. Mary J.

Thank you for your terrific support...

Dear David: Thank you for your terrific support helping me to very much improve the condition of my shoulder. I appreciate not only your professional expertise, but your optimistic encouragement and great sense of humor. I continue to improve with the exercises I do at home while working to maintain good posture. (the standard advice to keep one’s ‘chin up’ means something quite different to me these days!)

Joe S.

Changed my life!

Thank you, David Wilson, for changing my life! By limbering up my spine, caring about my treatment, showing me exercises to help my posture and strength, I have an entirely different outlook on my retirement!

Barbara D.

So Thankful!

I'm so thankful my orthopedist recommended BodyWorks for my physical therapy.  David Wilson gave me a new lease on life! He educated me on the source of my physical ailments and the treatment to rectify the situation. My sessions with him were fun, informative and extremely productive.  David has a wonderful sense of humor, a wealth of knowledge and is a top-notch physical therapist.  Under his care and expertise I have new strength and flexibility in my back, and better posture, which will help prevent further hip and back problems.  He motivated me to continue to be cognizant of my body position at all times, and to continue to strengthen the muscles in my back.  David was my husband's physical therapist after a knee replacement and he will return to David after his upcoming hip replacement.  He is absolutely outstanding!

Linda S.